Saturday, August 14, 2010

Buzz Lightyear and the Comcast man.

Whew, am I glad that the Comcast repair guy has young kids of his own! Otherwise, I'm pretty sure he'd have run screaming out the door.

Imagine being a guy going to a house to fix a faulty cable box. The door opens slowly and...Buzz Lightyear (a.k.a. 4 year old Alex) answers the door. In August.

Yep, that's how we greeted the cable guy. He took it in stride, said "Hello Buzz" and got to work on the cable box. No sooner had he said up shop, the questions from Sky began.

"What are you doing?"
"What is that screen?"
"Why doesn't it work?"
"Can you fix it?"

The great part was that the repair man was very quick on his feet and had awesome, sarcastic answers to all these questions. He told the kids that the box had a sensor that notified Comcast when kids hadn't brushed their teeth, and then Comcast called parents. Sky laughed, undetterred, and kept up the constant interrogations. Alex got nervous and asked every few minutes how they knew if his teeth weren't brushed, for the duration of the visit.

It REALLY got exciting when, because of his good mood and willingness to banter, the kids decided the cable guy was awesome. This meant that they MUST show off. So Skyler starts jumping up and down and spouting random knowledge. At this point, I'm heading back in to the living room to shoo the kids off (of course he came right in the middle of my dish-doing), and I hear Alex say "WATCH THIS!". Note: In the case of children, this typically means some rule is about to be broken.

Apparently, Buzz Lightyear can fly. As I round the corner I see Alex, all coiled up like a tiger about to pounce on the coffee table. At the same time, my ears are registering "TO INFINITY AND BEYOND", and Alex is leaping off the coffee table....and straight in to the tv screen.

Holy cow. Thank the good Lord that Comcast hires people who had a good sense of humor, a "kids will be kids" attitude, and the ability to at least mask their judgements of moms with crazy kids until they get in the van.

Someday they will be old and grown and I'll miss the Buzz Lightyear/20 questions phase. Until then, can I have a glass of wine?