Friday, December 23, 2011

Hello, Santa!

Hi there! I realize it's been awhile. Since my mom is probably my only reader (Hi, Mom!) and I pretty much tell her everything in person, I figure this isn't too big a deal. But just in case there IS another person out there who is reading (Hi, Dad!), I figured I'd give an update.

Christmas is here! Well, almost. Sure it's still *only* the 23rd. But I'm already half crazed and have gained 3 pounds which, in my opinion, makes this a holiday. Skyler is about to get a Christmas wish he has wanted since last year- a Harry Potter Lego Hogwarts Castle. I (Santa) am GIDDY over this. I can't wait to see his 5am on Christmas morning (On second thought, I COULD wait...but it won't happen). Alex is anxiously awaiting Santa tomorrow night. Aunt Ashley had "Santa" call Alex last weekend, and Al-B. did a fantastic impersonation of Buddy the Elf (think "SANTA!!!!", and if you don't know what I am talking about you need to go watch Elf. Right NOW).

This year Dusty's family is doing a homemade Christmas. This presents a challenge for me, because for some reason people assume I am crafty. In reality, I am NOT crafty. I am OCD and as a result appear crafty after spending 5 hours on something that would take an *actual* crafty person 20 minutes. Still, regardless of how it happened, I am anxious to share some of the loot I made (and Dusty helped with). Until gifts are unwrapped I can only show one thing, since said gift is for children and I'll assume they aren't reading my blog. The rest, I'll post later. Unless I get distracted- which, unfortunately, could happen.

Here is my idea: Paper Airplane Kits. Sky and Alex are obsessed with paper airplanes. If I take them to work with me, I give it 5 minutes before the recylcling bin is empty and my head is being pelted with flying objects. So I decided to make this worse by giving them tools to make even MORE flying disturbances.

The boxes came from Costco. At less than $20 for 14 boxes, I can afford to make many kits AND organize my cupboards:

To the boxes, I added names and a quote from a B.O.B. song that the kids will probably do an eyeroll at, but I love.

Into the boxes went airplane materials- colorful paper, graph paper, crayons, tape, paper clips, a mini stapler and stickers.

If the kids who get these kids run out of the room yelling "I HATE THIS!", I'll probably retire the idea (and buy them a book on manners instead). But assuming this kit goes over well, I'm thinking perhaps I have an idea for future birthday parties!