Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Snow! Or maybe not.

In their annual attempt to actually get people to watch their broadcasts, the news stations are going on and on about snow. The kids are convinced that they will get 2 weeks off school for a blizzard. Dusty, who seems to regard the possibility of snow 'round here like a 7 year old regards Santa (ping-ponging between optimism and reality), keeps telling me it is "supposed to get pretty bad tonight". I am prepared to work tomorrow*.

*I'll be complaining about not having a snow day, but I'll be there.

We DID get a little, tiny, itty bitty bit of snow on Sunday morning. Here is Alex enjoying the snow (Sky was at his Dad's, where snow was elusive):

Alex yelled "Happy Holidays!" every time he threw a snowball at the window. Not sure why, but it was so cute that I couldn't bring myself to burst his bubble by telling him that Christmas is over. And, yeah, his scarf is pink- he likes it.

Sky is hard for me to get pictures of because he isn't the type to make picture taking easy and he just isn't around the house as much as Alex. I'll try to get some soon, so that I can keep it even.

The boys have recently started music lessons- Alex is excited about learning to play the piano, and Skyler is trying his hand at guitar. I love it when the boys open new doors, especially when they do it with enthusiasm!

And now...better go make dinner. Because if I don't do it soon, the stupid weather report may actually turn out to be right and the power will go out or something.