Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sky has loose teeth & Alex is potty trained!

Wow, these kids are growing up fast!

Skyler starts school in two weeks and Alex is totally potty trained.  Yay!

Skyler's two front teeth are loose, and he is anxiously awaiting the opportunity to milk the tooth fairy for a few bucks.  He's no so certain on the specifics of the whole tooth fairy thing though (Is she invisible?  How does she get in to his house?  Does she sell the teeth on the black market?).

Alex is talking like crazy and is obsessed with Wii baseball.  He loves "BASE-ball".  Seems to be following  in big bro's footsteps!  He is going to be in a begginer pre-school program this year!  The other day, Dusty and I couldn't believe it- he sang the ABC's!  Alex is also big doing "I do it!".  Fun for Al, S L O W moving for me!

Skyler begins allergy shots this week.  He is a little nervous, but he knows it'll help him in the long run.  Hard to be a baseball player and golfer when you're allergic to grass, trees and weeds.  He'll be great at dealing with this, I'm sure!  Sky is a tough little guy.

Both boys are missing Pappi and Grandma Marcia like crazy.  We had  a great time hanging out with them this summer!

Here are some more recent pics!  These are from a backyard waterfight involving the boys, Auntie Ashley and Uncle Brian.

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Aunti Tricia said...

Sky, the tooth fairy does sell your teeth on the black market... in leau of elephant's ivory. That way, weird tourists can go to Africa and buy silly thing that look like they were make with elephant's ivory and in fact, they were made with kid's tooth fairy teeth! So, by selling your teeth to the tooth fairy (who gets in because your dog let's her in when she has to go outside and go pee at night) you are saving an elephant! Not so bad, eh?

Fiction? Yes. But a nice thought that might make parting with your teeth easier if in fact you are one of those people who are less interested in money and more interested in saving the creatures on the earth!

Ha ha. Love ya kid!