Sunday, August 14, 2011

Well, at least he has priorities!

Alex and I had a Big Exciting Trip To Target For A Bookbag today while Skyler is staying a couple days with his dad. On the way home, Alex was in good spirits. But he was wishing he could show off his new bag to his brother. The feeling of missing his best friend brought on this conversation, that I just had to get out!

Alex: Brother gets to go to his dad's house ALL THE TIME, and I hardly get to go there ever.

Me: Well, you live with your Dad and brother doesn't get that.

Alex: Well YEAH, but brother gets to live with a X-Box.

Me: I suppose an X-Box is pretty cool.

Alex: Yeah, but I guess it's more expensive.

Me: Oh I don't know. Daddies are pretty expensive, too.

Alex: But you don't have to BUY a Daddy. You just marry one.

Me: Uh huh. Good point. Someday you'll get married.

Alex: Yeah. I don't really know what that is yet. Will I know when I'm 13?

Me: I suppose you will know what it means to be married by 13.

Alex: Good, because some people get married at 13.

Me: No, honey. Not really.

Alex: Yes they do.

Me: Maybe a really long time ago.

Alex: Yeah. Maybe like in the 80's.

Oh my gosh. When they aren't driving me crazy, my kids sure crack me up!


Figbert McGilly said...

HA! Nice.

The kids got it right, of course. While it may not be socially acceptable in most societies, 13 year olds still get married all around the world.

It's say the darndest things.

Ashley said...

Hahahahahahha!!! Almost peed my pants. Geeze, Al should do stand now!