Friday, December 23, 2011

Hello, Santa!

Hi there! I realize it's been awhile. Since my mom is probably my only reader (Hi, Mom!) and I pretty much tell her everything in person, I figure this isn't too big a deal. But just in case there IS another person out there who is reading (Hi, Dad!), I figured I'd give an update.

Christmas is here! Well, almost. Sure it's still *only* the 23rd. But I'm already half crazed and have gained 3 pounds which, in my opinion, makes this a holiday. Skyler is about to get a Christmas wish he has wanted since last year- a Harry Potter Lego Hogwarts Castle. I (Santa) am GIDDY over this. I can't wait to see his 5am on Christmas morning (On second thought, I COULD wait...but it won't happen). Alex is anxiously awaiting Santa tomorrow night. Aunt Ashley had "Santa" call Alex last weekend, and Al-B. did a fantastic impersonation of Buddy the Elf (think "SANTA!!!!", and if you don't know what I am talking about you need to go watch Elf. Right NOW).

This year Dusty's family is doing a homemade Christmas. This presents a challenge for me, because for some reason people assume I am crafty. In reality, I am NOT crafty. I am OCD and as a result appear crafty after spending 5 hours on something that would take an *actual* crafty person 20 minutes. Still, regardless of how it happened, I am anxious to share some of the loot I made (and Dusty helped with). Until gifts are unwrapped I can only show one thing, since said gift is for children and I'll assume they aren't reading my blog. The rest, I'll post later. Unless I get distracted- which, unfortunately, could happen.

Here is my idea: Paper Airplane Kits. Sky and Alex are obsessed with paper airplanes. If I take them to work with me, I give it 5 minutes before the recylcling bin is empty and my head is being pelted with flying objects. So I decided to make this worse by giving them tools to make even MORE flying disturbances.

The boxes came from Costco. At less than $20 for 14 boxes, I can afford to make many kits AND organize my cupboards:

To the boxes, I added names and a quote from a B.O.B. song that the kids will probably do an eyeroll at, but I love.

Into the boxes went airplane materials- colorful paper, graph paper, crayons, tape, paper clips, a mini stapler and stickers.

If the kids who get these kids run out of the room yelling "I HATE THIS!", I'll probably retire the idea (and buy them a book on manners instead). But assuming this kit goes over well, I'm thinking perhaps I have an idea for future birthday parties!


Figbert McGilly said...

I'm a reader!
And truth be told, facebook has been a bit...lacking lately with you gone. But, you gotta do what you gotta do. Maybe that just means more blog posts. :D

Figbert McGilly said...

BTW, you are crazy crafty. Don't sell yourself short. The wedding album you made for us is beautiful and sits proudly in our guest room at all times. And that groovy bag you made for Val, genius!

Not crafty my—foot!

*Brianna* said...

I do intend to blog more, promise! I'll have more time and material now that I am Facebook-less.

And thank you for the crafty comment. I do admit that I am getting a little better...but still have a long way to go!