Monday, March 5, 2012

Mommy/Son Dork Tour 2012

First off, sorry I haven't been updating much. Bad me. I know I said I'd be around more since I'm off Facebook, but life is busy. And I have to say that I am really enjoying the less internet-centered life.

Still, I have to share: Skyler and I just returned home from a 2 night stay in Forks, Washington. This was super, amazingly fun. Really cool. In fact, even if you hate Twilight- or live under a rock or something and don't know what it is- you should still go to Forks.

Perhaps now Dusty won't have to listen to me begging him to move to Astoria...because I think I now want to move to the Olympic Penninsula (though I don't think I could handle a town with THAT small of a population...perhaps Port Angeles would be a better choice for us).

Skyler and I set off on Friday morning with a plan: head to Astoria, Oregon via the old St. Helen's highway and then travel all the way up Highway 101 to Forks. I brought lots of water and snacks and an audiobook. Sky brought a good attitude, lots of enthusiasm and multiple disposable cameras. We even bought a map. And we looked at it right side up (<--- Aren't you proud, Mom? Everyone else: there is a story here. I'll explain someday.).

We made it easily to Astoria, then crossed the bridge- which is LONG! Wow!- to Washington. We were happily listening to the book, chatting and enjoying our time...when suddenly I realized we were in Oysterville. This was majorly confusing to me, since I was almost positive that Oysterville was NOT on our route. Probably I should have looked at the map better. Since I didn't, we had to backtrack quite a way! I'd somehow gotten off of 101 about 30 minutes before I realized my mistake. But still, we have a sense of adventure and figured that- hey, at least now we know what Oysterville looks like!

...Until a couple hours later when I realized I'd gotten off of 101 AGAIN, and had just added ANOTHER extra hour to our trip. See why I had to buy a map? Because I didn't own one. Because I can't read them. Probably (MOM), I would have been able to read it had it been upside down! :-)

Finally, we got back on 101 and actually stayed on track, because Skyler decided he'd better take over the map reading. Finding our bed and breakfast was quite an adventure, since I had planned to rely on the GPS function on my phone- not realizing that I wouldn't be able to use that function in Forks, because T-Mobile sucks when it comes to coverage in remote areas. Luckily, the people of the town are pretty friendly, used to tourists and willing to help out a woman on the verge of tears in a gas station.

Saturday morning we did a tour of Forks' Twilight spots. That was fun! I loved it and Sky was willing to have fun because I was having fun. We took some silly pictures and laughed a lot.

Then we headed to LaPush. LaPush left me struggling a bit. Traditionally, I have always been Team Edward and Team Cannon Beach Is The Best Beach Ever. I have to admit- seeing the beaches at LaPush has my loyalty to BOTH teams starting to shift. It was AMAZING. Oh- and really cold.

Sky and I finished up Saturday night with a walk around the property of The Palmer Lodge (the B & B we stayed at) that left our jaws dropped. As the rain slowed and the sun faded, we got to watch a herd of around 70 wild elk walk out of the forest and into an open field to hang out for the evening. I have seen exactly ONE elk that wasn't in the zoo in my entire life. Sky has NEVER seen an elk out of captivity. This sight alone was totally worth all the driving.

After the elk sighting, Sky and I decided to "hit the town". There is exactly one activity on a Saturday night in Forks that the inn keepers could think of: bowling. So we headed to Sunset Lanes Bowling Alley, where score is kept on paper with a projector system, bumpers have to be physically placed on the lanes at the start of the game, and the newest song we heard was from the 80's. It. Was. Awesome. We still have no idea what our final scores were- I've never had to calculate them myself! Even so, I have never had so much fun bowling.

On the drive home Sunday we opted to head through Port Angeles, then head to Kingston so that we could take a ferry to Edmunds and then have lunch in Seattle. I realize we pretty much took the two longest possible routes, but the journey to and from Forks was as awesome as being there! We were amazed at the sight and beauty of Lake Crescent. We MUST camp there someday, now that I don't totally hate camping*. The ferry ride was great, too- but by the time we reached Seattle we were pretty ready to get home. We love Seattle, but it WAS a lot of driving and exploring for only three days.

What a trip. I feel like some amazing memories were made, and I am so glad that Skyler isn't *yet* at the age where mom is just NOT cool enough to hang out with! I know it'll happen eventually, which makes times like these just so much sweeter.


Grandma M said...

What wonderful memories to keep forever! And thank you for taking the time to share your adventures with the rest of us.
Skyler is fortunate to have such amazing educational opportunities like road trips with Mom where he learns how to use old fashioned tools like paper maps!

Figbert McGilly said...

(Damn Blogger site...I posted a comment less than an hour after you'd posted your blog, and it doesn't even show up. Oh well...)

I said something about how much I love that area, Long Beach/Oysterville/Oregon, Washington coast in general, and other stuff I can't was all very well thought out and coherent...unlike this. Sounds like a lot of dorky-cool fun.

Good to hear from you.

*Brianna* said...

Hey, Figbert! Sorry your comment went *poof*! Blogger certainly isn't annoyance-free.

I was totally thinking of you when I was lost in Oysterville- and how you INTENTIONALLY went there not long ago. :-)

Hope all is well with you!