Thursday, February 14, 2008

Alex is ok!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Alex and I got home from the hospital at 1 AM last night. He's ok. Once they gave him some anti-nausea medication, he started drinking some fluids. So they didn't poke him with an IV! The doctor said he could possibly do that to be on the safe side, but Alex gave him such a big smile he just felt bad about it. Hehe...Thats my boy!

I think the key is just keeping the fever down and keeping the nausea at bay so that he won't refuse fluids. If he starts pulling that again for more than 8 hours, than back we go. But I think he'll handle the fluids. Tough little guy, that Alex!


Rich said...

Happy Valentine's Day!

I am glad that Alex came through so well! He is a tough little guy for sure. His big brother is pretty tough too.

Now, I hope baby Rana gets through as well as Al.


G-ma Marcia said...

It's 2:25 AM. I'm holding baby Rana.
It's hard to see a 3 week old baby so congested. I've cleaned out her nose several times tonight but...wish we had the super snot sucker machine they had in the hospital. She's doing okay tho. No fever now.
So glad Alex is better!

Julie said...

Well Mom I'll bet that wasn't the most romantic valentines day you have ever had, glad Alex is fine and getting well...

Glad to hear Rana is on the mend also, busy Mom's and Grandma's