Friday, February 8, 2008

Starting to re-think flu shots here!

Hi everyone! To anyone (parents and siblings especially) who usually hear from me regularly or depend on me to do things like check the mail or the like:

Sorry I've been missing for the week! I went to the doctor today and I have Influenza type B. As I was walking out, I noticed a sign. It said "Flu Shots, $20". Had I not felt so crappy, I probably would have kicked myself!

The boys seem to be doing ok. Although Dusty is exhausted after playing Mr. Mom AND Mr. Provider for a week!

I should be done with this by the end of the weekend. So I'll get some pictures of the boys up, and return phone calls and check blogs soon!

Have a good weekend everyone!


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Grandma M said...

Yes, you certainly had one heck of a week. One you'll not want to repeat, ever! The only good thing about being that sick for that long is you never take wellness for granted again. Yeah to Dusty for taking such good care of his family. And Brianna, you did it! You made it through a tough week. Sky and Alex did their best to help out too. Be well and happy, Bigham Fam!