Saturday, December 6, 2008

Sky's last football game!

Today is the big day...Sky's last football game of the season!  Woo-hoo!  

Did I mention it is 40 degrees here with wind?  Sweet.

So, not too much going on right now.  Alex's obsession with Barney is slowly being replaced with Happy Feet.  Kinda happy about his.  As much as I loved "I love you, you love me"....thirty times a day, it was getting old.  He hasn't completely decided that Barney doesn't rule the world, but we're working on it!

Alex is still obsessed with gum.  If you're looking for a present that will put little Al over the moon, buy him a pack of gum.  He'd choose it over a bag of gold!  About 1/2 the time, it even makes it's way to the garbage can.  Are there actually any reports of people having tummies full of childhood gum when they die of age after a long, long life?  That is just a myth, right?

Skyler's school had a winter program this week.  It was so cute!  The kindergarten/1st grade choir was my favorite part, of course.  ;-)  Skyler sang along, and signed to "Silent Night", and was as well behaved as I've ever seen him.  I was so proud!  He was, too.  He came home from school the next day, thrilled to tell me that his behavior had earned him extra free play time. to freeze my butt off!


Ashley said...

Awesome! Did you get to record the program?

Good job Sky! Brian and I are so proud of you. Now get ready to come to Grandma's next week and help us lift heavy boxes!!

Rich said...

Great job Sky! Football and singing, you do it all. I will see you in 10 days!

Rich said...

Make that, I will see you in 8 days!

Do a good job in school!


*Brianna* said...

See you soon!

I just got notice that Skyler will be receiving a reward at an upcoming school assembly. I don't know what it is for yet, but I'm sure proud of him!