Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ok, I'm getting back on this blog thing!

I know I have taken quite the break from blogging. But I'm ready to hop back on the horse (figuratively, of course- I'd probably fall off a real one)!

We are coming to a close of our summer. Skyler is preparing for 1st grade, Alex is hardly able to contain his excitement about pre-school (picture this: "I am going to go to SCHOOOOOOOW with my BACKPACK just like SKYYYYYYYER!"). Dusty and I are about to celebrate our fourth anniversary and have been pretty pleased with life lately.

Skyler is on a gluten free diet which has been a bit of a challenge to adjust to, but has been a great thing for us! The whole family is paying more attention to what we put in our body, and there is no question that Skyler's ADD symptoms seem to have improved since removing gluten and processed foods. Every once in awhile Skyler will tell me "I want gluten", which makes me laugh because he really doesn't even have a clue what it is!

Skyler has also started martial arts classes. He loves it! He has been busy this summer golfing, fishing, riding his bike, cooking and building things.

Alex is just aching to be on a sports team- any team- and just does not understand why he isn't considered big enough to play for the Atlanta Braves. He spends his days jumping off of things that I'd personally never see fit to jump off of, playing his guitar (that he bought with a gift card so that he could "be a ROCKSTAR!"), running around in the back yard and reciting theme songs to various preschool cartoons.

Both boys took swim lessons this summer and LOVED it! They also enjoyed camping and cannot wait for one last trip to Trillium Lake before school begins. I'm still not sure wether it is the camping or the marshmallows that have them hooked...

I'll be writing more often now, but that is all I've got for today!

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G-ma M said...

I love to read good writers. Especially when I know them personally. Family stories are my fav.