Sunday, January 27, 2008

I'm sure this will all be funny in 10 years...

But right NOW, this is so NOT funny!

Skyler woke me up at 6:30 today (WAY earlier than normal). Apparently he woke Ash up at 5am! (Sorry about that, Ashley!) We made it through the morning without going too crazy. And then all toddlerhood broke loose...

I had the nerve to go change my clothes. How dare I want to get out of pajama pants, huh? Well...Alex took the opportunity to check out something he's been fascinated with...the toilet. He decided to put some toilet paper in the toilet. And then a little more. Then more. And get the idea. Then, after deciding he had used enough TP, Alex decided to flush. And held down the handle until the whole thing was backed up to the point of overflowing. At this point, Sky decided to fill me in on the adventure. I came rushing in the bathroom to find toilet water all over the floor and two little boys looking at me like, somehow, I should know what to do. AHHHH!!! I turned off the water, plunged the toilet, wiped up the floor, and turned the water back on...but nothing happened. And hour later, nothing has happened STILL. So, I guess the toilet is broken.

While I was cleaning up the toilet mess, I kicked the boys out of the bathroom. Seems reasonable, right? Well, apparently Alex felt so bad that he caused so much trouble that he decided to do the dishes for me. Nice, right? Wrong. He opened up the dishwasher (which was clean and waiting to be unloaded), got into the dish soap- and proceeded to scoop so much soap into the dishwasher that a good portion of the door was covered in dish soap.

So I scoop the kids up. Put them in the car and go to mail a letter (i.e. get them out so they can't trash anything else). I take a few minutes, cool off, and come home all inspired to turn this into a positive. So I come in, get my beloved Dyson, and bein to vaccum the soap out of the dishwasher. Within a minute I see an ant. Then another. And another...Ants have taken over my vaccum cleaner!!!

I'm sure that some day I will laugh at how incredibly insane a day can be. I'm sure that I'll think it is funny that SO much trouble could come about in the course of a quiet afternoon at home. However, right now- I do NOT think this is funny!!!

Ok, I'm off to go battle ants, fix toilets, mop a bathroom floor, and pray that Dusty doesn't get stuck at work late tonight. What a day. (And it isn't even 4PM!!!)


Rich said...


Sorry about that. Helpers like that can sure cost a lot of time and energy.

How do I get links on my website for yours?


Brianna said...

You go to 'customize' and then 'add element'. Then choose to add a link list. Then copy & paste the URL to my site and it'll show up!

The toilet is fixed. Tricia told me that you have to flush it before anything happens. I didn't know that! So I flushed it, and it works!

Ashley said...

Dude, I'm sorry. Just keep chugging along. This WILL get better!! Oh, and you can take this word verification thing out if you want! I forgot how, but I know its possible. Dad and I both did it. Oh and by the way, after mine and your instructions on how to get the links up, Dad still made me do it for him! :-)

G-ma Marcia said...

Hummmm...Seems to me I remember a little girl who use to pull those stunts too. Must have been about twenty some years ago.

Trish said...

Sorry about that Bri. Kids are rough. I have a few of those stories myselfnd with a new kiddo... a few more year to try to top yours.