Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sunday, January 27th!

Skyler recently got signed up for Gresham Little League!!! He will be in the T-ball division on the National League. He's a little upset that he can't go straight to the Chicago Cubs, but we think he'll really enjoy it. Alex is trying SOOOO hard to talk! If you wanna hear something funny, call my cell phone! Alex and I always race for the phone when it rings, and if he wins- you'll probably hear "HA!". Dusty is so busy working this weekend since the car show has him there open to close every day! Ashley came up to visit for a night and it was SO fun to see her!


Rich said...

Hi Skyler!

How do you like baseball? It is super cold and Icy here in Alaska.

How is school going for you?

Have a good day!

Brianna said...

Hi Pappi!

School is going pretty good. I love you! I miss you really, really much. Really much! I got your postcard. It was good and I love you!


Trish said...

I sure have some handsome nephews.