Monday, January 28, 2008

Snow Day!!!

We woke up this morning to snow! Yay! Well, actually we woke up to the sound of a car accident. But it was caused by the snow, I'm assuming, so thats pretty much the same thing, right?

I'm still going to send Sky to pre-school. Although Gresham-Barlow schools are closed, I don't see Sky's school on the closure list. I think since they are a daycare center, they try to stay open. I think Sky would love to go to school and play in the snow with his friends. Then I'll take pics of the kids in the snow when he gets home.

The dog went out for her morning pee and just stopped cold as soon as she set foot outside. Then she had to spend 10 minutes sniffing the entire backyard. She isn't too sure what all this white stuff is!

Hey, one more thing: I don't have many e-mail addresses. So can someone forward the link to this blog to whoever they think would want it? Thanks!


Ashley said...

How much snow do you have? We still have all of ours, but it hasn't snowed since yesterday. They say it will snow again today. We'll see. The U is open today, they don't close for anything!!

Brianna said...

Its only about an inch here. Just enough to close schools. Sky is angry at me because he thinks his school should be closed and he can't believe I am making him go.

After yesterday, it would take a blizzard for me to let that kid stay home!

Rich said...

Good Morning! You guys HAVE SNOW! GREAT!

I miss you a lot Skyler! I miss Alex too.
We had about 8 inches of new snow yesterday. We never close school unless the pipes freeze at school. We always have snow so it is no big deal here.

I Love you!