Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Breaking News! (In our world)

Sky is home from his first day of school!!!

After deciding to calm down the obsessively protective mom thing, I walked Skyler to the bus stop at 7:25 this morning.  He was super excited at the bus stop.  Once he saw the bus, he got a little nervous, but he walked right on with no problem.  Well, one little snag- I had told him to sit next to the bus driver, not realizing that those seats would have kids in them.  Right as I was fighting the urge to rush on the bus and say "It's ok, honey, sit with that little girl", he figured it out on his own.  And I was reminded that sometimes I just don't give my little guy enough credit.  (At this moment, images of Finding Nemo are flashing in my head.  I'm seriously comparing my parenting to that of an animated fish.  Oh, boy.  Motherhood has overtaken my brain!)

So he gets on the bus, I go inside and down a cup of (decaf) coffee and pace around the living room.  Dusty reminds me that many kids go to school every day.  And that Skyler will not magically disappear in the mile bus ride down the hill.  So, after a call to the school to make sure he got there ok (I know you're rolling your eyes.  But it was his first day!), I switched my energy from wondering if he got there to watching the clock and counting the minutes till he got home.

So, Alex and I went to get Skyler at the bus stop.  As it turns out, the bus stop on the way home is outside our back gate.  Sweet!  And when the bus stopped Skyler emerged, backpack and all.  He was in one piece and in pretty high spirits.  Apparently this school thing (bus included) is his type of gig.  He loved it!

I asked him to summarize his day.  Here it is:

"I met lots of new friends!"
"Grandma kept snappin' up all different pictures of me!"  (Thanks, Grandma Val!)
"It was good."

And...thats about all I could get out of an exhausted 5 year old.  

While we were sitting and talking about his day, I noticed that Sky's tooth was sitting on it's side.  I went over to him, looked at it, and sure enough it was hanging on by a string.  So, not only did Skyler go to school, he lost a second tooth!  There is already an envelope (sealed, so as to make sure the tooth fairy gets it) under his pillow.  He is now zoning out on the couch, trying his best not to fall asleep.  

On a related note, every sound Alex hears from the road is now a bus.  Ever since we saw big bro get off the school bus, we get to hear Al every 30 seconds say "I want ride bus!" or "I hear bus!".  He was just in heaven getting to be THAT close to a school bus!

Note:  In the pictures of Sky waiting for the bus, I know he doesn't look excited.  He was!  Blame the sour look on nerves and the fact that it was 7:30 and mom forgot to grab him a jacket.  Oops!


Trish said...

Way to go Sky!!!! You made it to kindergarten and had a great day. That's fabulous! We're proud of you down here!

Ashley said...

Yay! Uncle Brian and I are SO excited for you, Sky!! You are such a big kid now. Stinker!

Uncle Brian said...

Big props little man for riding the bus to school. I hope it was a fun experience for you because I know it was for me when I was your age!!! congrats on losing another tooth!! pretty soon you'll be rich and toothless, but not for that long!! take care Sky.
uncle brian

G-ma Marcia said...

Many things have faded in my aging brain but not the good memories of my little girls (one was your Mama, Skyler) getting on and off the school bus in the very same spot at the back gate.
You are very fortunate, Sky, to have a grandma right there at school all the time. Well...that is if you play by the rules, my dear. Grandmas have a clever way of reporting to parents you know. Have fun learning and growing this year!
And Mommy, you have a right to be a little nervous on the very first day. Alex will appreciate the fact that older bro broke you in though.

Stacy said...

Ahhhh! Brings tears to my eyes! Congratulations Sky! You'll have so much fun at school! We're pround of you bud...
Love you!!!! Miss you!!!!
Stacy & Andy.