Tuesday, September 9, 2008

More Pictures!

Thank you so much to Grandma Val, for giving us the inside view!


Rich said...


You are growing up! I am very proud of you! I know you will do well. You have a lot of people cheering for you! Miss you mister. Miss your brother too. Actually, miss everyone there.

Bri and Val, Thanks for the pictures on the blog. I like being able to see how Sky and Alex are growing.

Bye, Put that tooth under a pillow!

*Brianna* said...

Thanks dad! The tooth fairy almost forgot!

Ashley said...

Oh cute, little old man! Hehe, I'm kidding Sky. Atleast you aren't as old as Uncle Brian! You should write us a letter this weekend and tell us how your first school week was! Love you, but you know, you smell like roses and chocolate!

Trish said...

Sky, your little cousin Rana is starting to look like you. She's more or less toothless with two little teeth peering up at us from below! We'll call you two twins for a few weeks? How you like that?