Friday, September 5, 2008

Our pretty much perfect day. (Sky can ride a bike!)

In the interest of preserving memories, I think that our latest family adventure is worth writing out.  I don't have any pictures, though- I decided to focus less of "capturing the moment" and more on being IN the moment!

So, after a long day of running errands the other day, Dusty and I needed a way to tire the boys out.  We had promised the boys ice cream at the Costco deli (a.k.a. dispensary of incredible amounts of yummy tasting saturated fats), but wound up walking right past it in an effort to get a tired 2 year in the car before the entire warehouse realized he was, in fact, a toddler.  Poor Skyler, in an usual act of patience, actually believed us when we said he had a treat coming to him later in the day.  So...guess that meant we needed to figure out a treat!

It was a beautiful day.  Since we're now in that season where you spend every sunny day wondering if it is the last, we thought we'd better get the kids outside.  So we loaded up their bikes (or bi-chi-chles, if you ask Al) and took them down to the trail for an evening ride that we figured would mean a LOT of work on our part.  After a small disagreement over wether or not Alex needed elbow pads and knee pads to ride a bike with training wheels (I won!  Alex looked like a knight in all his body armor), we were off.

Here are the highlights:

-Both boys needed their seats raised.  (sniffle)  They are getting so big!
-Alex proved that you CAN go fast on a toddler bike with training wheels.
-Alex also proved that you CAN tip over on a bike with training wheels.  (And mommy was right about the body armor!)
-Skyler showed that he could go forever on a bike ride. 
-Skyler also proved that he can ride faster than I can run.  But still insisted that I keep up with him.
-Skyler learned how to push off on his own!!!  Everyone within a 2  block radius heard "I CAN RIDE MY BIKE MYSELF!!!"
-Alex is a trooper.  At one point he was so tired, his eyes were closing.  But those little legs kept spinning round and round!
-Dusty and I actually got to enjoy ourselves!  The boys are big enough to ride ahead a bit and be just independent enough to enjoy themselves without us  helping non-stop.  But they are still young enough to not go TOO far!

After the bike ride, we went to Sunny Hans.  We haven't attempted eating out with the boys for quite awhile.  It was amazing!  They sat and ate!  I think we almost came off as a nice family eating dinner, as opposed to 2 stressed out parents and 2 unruly little ones.  Woo-hoo!

So, that is it.  My account of a perfect evening.  I don't know if the boys will remember that day forever, but I sure will.


Ashley said...

Sweet!! Sounds awesome. Good job, parents and kids!

Stacy said...

I'm so proud... he's all grown up! (Dusty that is... nice to see you all are finding time to hang as a fam!)

Trish said...

Funny. While reading your account of the walk, Bri, I was actually remembering stubborn little 3 year old Brianna riding her bike at that same place and all of us cheering when it didn't take tears to get you home. Good job family!

We'll be taking our little clan to a Blue Grass Jamboree tonight and hoping for the same level of success you had with your group at Sunny Hans!

G-ma Marcia said...

Just a few short years and you'll have a couple of tall, lanky boys working on their cars in the driveway. Then you'll REALLY miss the times of training wheels and elbow pads. Makes grandma smile to read your narratives, parents. Thanks for taking the time to share:)