Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Skyler the football player!

So after years of standing on the sidelines of football games, cringing at every tackle, it was time for me to let Skyler subject himself to getting bowled over by 15 boys trying to get the same ball.  It isn't my thing, but hey- he loves it!

Skyler has been practicing for a week and a half.  His first game is coming up this weekend!  He is so excited!  His team will be green (Skyler says "YEEEEESSSSS!  We're the DUCKS!) and has a great coaching staff.

Here are a few pictures from from Skyler's practices.  Most are of Alex because I usually spend practices chasing him and keeping him from running on the field.  Alex LOVES "buball pa-tice"!  Ah, the joys of boys.  

If anyone will be in town on Saturday, please let me know!  Skyler would love to have a fan club for his first game!


G-ma Marcia said...

I would dearly love to be at Skyler's football game. But since I can't, be sure to put a picture or two of him in action here on your family bloggy.
Have a fun game!

Rich said...

The boys sure are growing up fast. On a football team already. I wish I could have been there but a few miles away.

I will see you guys in a little over 2 months.