Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Trying this domestic thing out.

This year I decided to give the whole "domestic decorator" thing a try.  I figured that the kids are old enough to like decorations, so we should probably put some up.  Here goes!

We have an amazing neighbor couple.  I spoke with the wife and told her that we were trying to decorate this year.  She is great!  She has brought over a bunch of corn stalks, grown in her garden.  She also dug out some decor that she isn't using and brought us a broom for the door, some little figures and a pumpkin that she grew in her yard.  We are so lucky to have someone so wonderful around us.  When she dropped of some of the decorations, I mentioned that Alex was sick.  Later that day they brought over a book for him and a note wishing him well.  Sure makes the world seem smaller and more cozy when you have good people around you!

Skyler and I drew a pumpkin family to add to our fall decorations.  Can you guess who is who?  I drew them, but Skyler cut and taped them under Dusty's supervision.  I pulled in the driveway after work to find them up, and thought they were the perfect touch.  Hopefully next week we'll go to the pumpkin patch and add a few real pumpkins to the mix.

Alex is getting better.  Still a sniffle and a low fever, but nothing near the scary night of being up with 104 degrees.  I think those nights are just made to break me in before the kids start getting sports injuries!


G-ma Marcia said...

So glad to hear Alex is better now. You are fortunate to have wonderful neighbors! The harvest/Halloween decorations are perfect. Love the pumpkin fam!

Rich said...

Halloween - Time flies.

The place looks good.