Sunday, October 26, 2008

Things I learned today!

So, another day in the life around here.  Today I woke up and decided that the kids and I were going to church.  I've been meaning to get around to it for awhile, and had planned on the "aroundtoit" to come next weekend.  But today seemed right.  So off we went, Alex insisting we were going to Target and Skyler wondering why we were suddenly going to church.

Here are some of the lessons learned:

1) There are people in the world who are very, very kind to strangers.  Seriously.  I think sometimes in the hustle and bustle we forget that some people are just good.  I met many today.

2)  You know you haven't taken your kid to church in awhile when he looks at the altar and says "Mommy, why is there a big "t" hanging on the wall?".  Oops.

3)  A 2 year old  who has never been to church does NOT just know to be quiet and sit still.  

4)  People think it is adorable when a 5 year forgets his inhibition and starts singing, loudly, to a song he doesn't actually know.  The 5 year old, however, thinks it is horribly humiliating.

5)  Church wears kids out.  They fall asleep on the way home.  BONUS!  (Y'all want to get religious now, don't you?!?)

6)  When those kids wake up, they have WAY too much energy.  Grr...

7)  2 year olds, hammers and 2 year old vehicles do NOT mix.  

8)  Yes, I learned #7 from experience.  

9)  If you stop a dishwasher, start it over, stop it, start it over...and let it fill up and never drain every'll overflow on to the floor.

10)  If #9 is repeated 30 seconds after the mess is cleaned up, it'll overflow again.

11)  The 2 year old taught me this.

12)  Kids will do anything for ice cream.  It is possible for a 5 year old's room to be cleaned in 2 minutes.  Just offer ice cream.

13)  If you try lesson #12, don't look in the closet unless you've had a glass of wine, Xanax, or 3 extra strength Tylenol.

14)  If a child is in need of getting clean, the floor of the bathroom will be soaked.  It does not matter wether they shower or take a bath.  It doesn't matter if they take 3 minutes or a half hour.  The position of the shower curtain has no bearing.  The bathroom will inevitably be soaked.  There is no way to avoid it.

15)  Desperate Housewives Rocks.  What a good way to make my life seem not so hectic after a long (but good, minus the car meeting a hammer and floor being flooded) day!


G-ma M said...

OHMYGOODNESS! This grandma is lovin' pay back time ;) Funny how every generation discovers the lessons anew.
Thanks for taking the time to share, Bri. So delightful to enjoy the boys' antics via blog. You're building memories for your family, even if some of those things (hammering car) you'd like not to remember.

Trish said...

How funny Bri. I added, "or men" to many of your entries and it actually seemed to work - except for the flooding episodes, as men seem to alter their behavior faster than 2 year olds because they know They will have to rip the floor up and replace the flooring in event of long-term flood damage!

Hang in there. Mom will be there soon to give you a break, then low and behold, I'll be leaving my two kids at your doorstep one of these days so I can get a "vacation". Imagine, a 5, 3, 2 and 1 year old in your house! I'll bring you some wine for that fun!!!!

Ashley said...

Hahahahahahahha. I love #2, or what ever the T on the wall one was! Hilarious!