Saturday, November 8, 2008

Notice to all germs, viruses, allergic reactions and "yuckies":

You are hereby banished from our family.  You are not welcome.  Ashley will have to wait and learn about you all some other time.  

In related news- I am offering a reward to anyone who can actually figure out how to build me a bubble.  One that I can put the whole family in, so as to keep germs out.  The catch is that we do need to function normally, so this will need to be a 1 way bubble.  Kids on the football field would think it odd if Skyler was in said bubble and the ball bounced off of it, seemingly from mid air.


G-ma M said...

This too shall pass. Soon you'll all be off the germ/virus merry-go-round and will be focusing on other things. You'll all build up your immune systems and be grateful for wellness. Hang in there.

Pappi said...

Winter, closed in houses, the bugs are stuck inside with you.

I have a stomach upset myself, slowed me down yesterday and kicked in a bit more in the night.

It will be over soon.


Ashley said...

Yep, you'll all have really strong immune systems in 5 years!!