Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick or Treat!!!

And another Halloween has come and gone.  Sugar highs and stomach aches are sure to follow!

SpiderMan and Peter Pan took to the streets in a quest to find some candy on a perfect night.  Mild temperatures, no rain, and Dusty getting off work were a great backdrop.  

The night began with a house down the street, where both the boys forgot to say "trick or treat", but the neighbor thought they were so cute that she gave them candy anyhow.  This got Alex really excited- he finally understood what we meant by "going on a walk to get some candy".  At the next house, they let the kids choose.  This was a big choice for Alex, who was finally given one of everything when the owner of the house got tired of waiting after a good 4 or 5 minutes of Alex touching every single candy, then putting it back.

Skyler was a great big brother, pushing the doorbells that were too tall for Alex and letting Alex push the ones he could reach.  The highlight for him was a neighbor who had an actual snake on their porch, along with numerous other decorations.  This, to a 5 year old, is REALLY cool.  After the older kids started coming out, we came home.  This was mostly because Alex was nervous about the big kids in scary costumes, which presented some problems when they tried to accompany him to the door.  After one last stop at our direct neighbor's house (she had saved some candy especially for them), we loaded up in the car and drove out to trick or treat at Grandpa Mike's house.   This was a great way to end the night!

As of 6pm last night, Dusty is on vacation.  We have a big week planned!  Today we all went to Skyler's football game (they WON!  Go Jets!), accompanied by Shane (who doesn't wake up that early but did it just for Sky).  Alex is still sick, so he'll be sleeping the day away and trying to get better in time for church tomorrow.  This week will be full of fishing, hunting (for Dusty), and birthday celebrations- as Dusty turns the big 26 on Wednesday!

Happy November!


Ash & Brian said...

Yay! We love them! I wish we could have gone with you guys...but hopefully we can next year!

G-ma M said...

Glad the kids had some good Halloween fun. We had lots of fun here in too. Shad and Rana only went to two neighbor houses but Shad still got plenty of candy. Did Bri and Dusty dress up as parents?

JuneauJoe said...

Halloween is a great time to make believe and that is important. They can end up with way too much candy though.

The pictures are great! Thanks!

Rich said...

Miss you guys!


Val & Bruce Gaddy said...

I am so glad that you put the pictures and comments on life in your world. Now I will know to watch for signs of "catapult building" at my house when the boys are visiting:)

Val & Bruce Gaddy said...