Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sky's first ever golf tournament!

Ok, first lets get two things out of the way right off the bat:

-These cake pops are good. Like, really good. Like, Ashley-you-better-get-them-quick-'cause-they-may-just-disappear good. This has renewed my determination. I WILL make Alex perfect birthday cake pops. Alex will be thrilled. The scale at Weight Watchers will not.

-I saw a peacock tonight up the road from my house. A peacock. Uh...I don't even have anything to add to this. Who the heck sees a peacock in their neighbor's driveway (in Oregon)?

And now, the moment you all have been waiting for. Or, the one I'VE been waiting for at least. Skyler's first golf tournament. EVER!

I need to fess up to something: this made me a big old mess. From the moment I woke up this morning until the moment Sky stepped up to the first tee, I was unreasonably emotional. Twenty minutes before the start of the tournament, Skyler was on the putting green in his zone. I was pacing back and fourth, fighting the urge to puke, burst into tears, or do the hysterical laugh I do when I'm nervous that makes people think I'm crazy. I was also sucking down Diet Coke to calm my nerves like I was a chain smoker and the soda was a Marlboro. Did I mention that Sky was calm, cool and collected?

Skyler's tournament was at Kah-Nee-Ta resort near Warm Springs, Oregon. Thanks to Grandma Val for loaning us her wheels, Skyler, Alex, Dusty, Tyson (Sky's dad), Pappi (my dad) and I were able to make the trek over the mountain in one vehicle. It was awesome that Skyler had so many people there for his big day!

He was great. He was really, really great. His score was that of an 8 year old who plays golf in his first tournament- not as low as the older kids he was paired with, but good enough that he obviously knows what he's doing. But his attitude, his etiquette and a shot out of the bunker made my heart pump up with Mommy pride. I don't often see Sky play golf- it is definately his special thing with his dad. But all day, I was amazed at what my little boy can do.

Actually, I was amazed by what ALL those kids could do. Since we were in the Pee-Wee division, the kids were 8-11 years old. Sky was the youngest in his group, and one of (if not the) youngest I saw at the tournament- but all the Pee-Wee division kids were just, well, kids. At one point while walking up to the putting green, the three boys had to be reminded that they can talk about Pokemon later. And yet, from a distance, they just looked like short golfers. It was amazing. These kids really know how to play, behave, interact on the course...I come away from today a much bigger fan of golf and a huge believer that children are incredible.

Skyler came away from today exhausted, excited for his next tournament, and happy. Oh- and starving. Can't blame him- he'd just walked nine holes with a golf bag on his back, while making all club choices and other game-related decisions alone (parents and spectators were not allowed to give advice, and caddys were prohibited). He was probably also exhausted from the Benedryl I'd had to give him, but that's just life for an allergy kid who loves outdoor sports.

We celebrated his accomplishments with a good lunch and then swimming. By this point we were so tired that I think 5 of us would have been happy to go home. I'd been using the "but we'll go swimming later" carrot with Alex all day. Alex walked (and was carried a little) the nine holes. He watched his brother. He was quiet. Way quieter than I'd expected a kid his age to be. Alex was patient. Alex wore a "golf shirt" and understood when we told him that he couldn't use the putting green just now. And Alex, never one to turn down a good-behavior carrot, was NOT getting back on the road without swimming.

The pool was fun! It was strange to be in a warm pool. I kept thinking "EEEWWW! A pee spot!" and moving away, only to remember that the whole pool was warm. I know it is the result of warm springs. I'm still not positive that the pool was pee-free. Thank God for chlorine. We only stayed an hour to swim (much to Alex's dismay), because this IS Sunday night, the kids DO have school tomorrow, Tyson, Dusty and I DO have to work tomorrow...and because we were all exhausted. Even Alex, who saw his exhaustion as even more reason to stay, and began to turn into the scary monster that I (thankfully) don't often see as he was unfairly ripped from the pool. For a good 15 minutes, I'd reclaimed my "meanest Mom ever" status. After that, he fell asleep. Since he pretty much slept until we were home and he knew there were cake pops waiting for him, everything turned out just fine.

Here are some pictures from our awesome day. Enjoy!

Sky and Tyson, on the way to the first tee.

And, he's off!

Pappi, Alex and Dusty:

I believe this was on the 4th hole- that's a long way for little legs!

And, here come the crazy emotions again. *sniffle* I am so proud of him!

And, it's over. Do the kids' scores match the parents'?

Uh, why didn't WE bring clubs again?

Dad, will you teach me how to drive this?

No, Sky, we can't golf again. Now smile for the camera:

Pappi and the boys. Dusty, Tyson and I are way less cool when Pappi is in town.

I know there is a story to this, but I was too tired to really catch it:

Alex may be mad about leaving, but he'll always smile for a picture.

I think this was about 30 seconds before Sky fell asleep and I entered a zombie like state.


Andy said...

Bri. Thanks for sharing. I can't WAIT to see him in action when you guys are here. That is so incredible. What an amazing little dude. That's it! I'm getting Rylan into golf. (He already has his own little set Daddy helps him use). Love you Sky!!! We're so proud!!!

Ashley said...

Super awesome, Sky! Hopefully I can come watch next time!