Friday, August 21, 2009

And it's been 4 years!

Dusty and I celebrated our 4th anniversary last night!

Here is a run-down:

The night began with me getting stuck in my dress. Seriously. I had used a gift card I'd saved to buy a special dress just for my anniversary. I was so excited! It was perfect.

I put it on right before Dusty walked in from work and couldn't get it to zip. So I asked Dusty to try it when he walked in. He did. The zipper pull broke off. So he ran out to get pliers to zip it the rest of the way (at this point I'm wondering how I'll get it off at the end of the night, but we were late so there wasn't time to worry about it). He got it to a seam on the dress where the zipper's teeth were bent, where it got stuck. So we spend about 10 minutes trying to get this dress zipped despite the fact that the zipper is clearly not in good condition. Keep in mind that I'm in 4 inch heels, we're all dressed up and ready to go, and our reservation is in 30 minutes.

Finally we look at the clock and realize we have to go. I give up my hopes of wearing this perfect dress, and decide I'll wear the back up "little black dress" that I have in my closet. So I go to take the not-going-to-happen dress off. But the zipper now won't go DOWN, either. Again, Dusty tries to come to my no avail. After trying for a good ten minutes, we got desperate. Dusty had to actually CUT the brand new dress off of me.

Who has to be cut out of their dress on their anniversary? Haha. Me, apparently.

Luckily El Gaucho bumped our reservation back a half hour and we had a fabulous night. Now...anyone know how to replace zippers in dresses?

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G-ma M said...

At least you had a little zipper fun!