Friday, January 22, 2010

Bike rides and chocolate!

Another week has passed, and I'm ready to rest. (You know, rest? The stuff that includes laundry and dishes and cooking and childcare? Oh...wait. That isn't rest? Guess I'm out of luck.)

Work was awesome again this week, and totally reassured me that I am meant to do this. If we can only get the morning struggles and laundry worked out, I think things will be awesome! Oh, and sleep. Sleep would be a nice bonus, too.

Sky's school had a fundraiser at Papa's Pizza on Thursday. It was fun! I can't wait to hear the amount made for the school, but I think it will be pretty successful, just judging by the amount of fundraising flyers I saw up behind the register. We now begin with Mission: Valentine's Candy. Skyler is selling See's Candies chocolates until Wednesday, January 27th. If you've got a sweet tooth, let us know!

Skyler had his first basketball practice was this week. He is ready for a new season of slam dunks and showing off. I will announce game times and such later on, but games will be on Saturday mornings and we'd love to have family and friends come out!

Alex was in heaven this week as he had Pappi around to babysit him. He got to ride his new "big boy bike" for the first time out of the garage, go to Costco, and just in general hang with Grandpa. Alex is still adjusting to having to get going in the mornings. He seems to have my appreciation for the afternoon and evening, and distaste for the morning hours. This worked brilliantly when we didn't have to go out and about, but is proving to be troublesome nowdays. I think that within a few weeks he'll be adjusted to our new family schedule!

Franklin went to the vet today to have his nails trimmed, and was given a clean bill of health by the doctor. Nemo hasn't died yet, which I think in goldfish terms means he is healthy, so we're good on the fish front. And aside from smelling like dogs who go out in the rain a few times a day, Georgia and Dillon are doing very well. I am happy that Dillon is here now that I am working out of the home full time. I think it would be very hard on Princess Georgia to be home alone that often!

Hope everyone is happy and healthy!

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Laura Trusky said...

I'm glad everyone is happy and having a great time :)