Friday, January 1, 2010

The holidays are over!!! (May I please nap now?)

Whew! That was the usual whilwind, wasn't it? I'll just give you the basics so that I don't bore you or make you as tired as I am.

Christmas was fun! We did the usual Christmas Eve carols and great grandma and grandpa's house, followed by gifts with Grandma Val. This year was a bit different because Skyler wasn't with us for Christmas Eve festivities, but he had so much fun with his dad's family that it was hard to be upset about him not being with me. In a last minute stroke of awesomeness, Skyler came home on Christmas Eve and I got to wake up in the morning to both my children in the house!

Santa brought Alex a bicycle, although it took Alex at least 5-10 minutes to realize that the bike was a gift for him and not just a holder for his stocking (which was emptied out in no time!). Once I pointed out that perhaps the bike was meant for him, Alex began riding around the living room and kitchen with glee. Skyler slept in until 8:30- what is that, by the way? Of ALL the days to sleep in?!?!? When Skyler woke up, he was thrilled to see some Bakkugan stuff (apparently he "gets" Bakkugan- I do not) and a 3D writing notepad...and chocolate, of course!

Christmas day at Grandpa Mike's house was fun as usual, and pretty relaxing once we wrestled the boys into the car loaded with food, gifts and excitement. I was thrilled that Mike let me do a bit of the cooking this year. I did NOT stick to the usual health minded ingredients. What's a New Years resolution for if you didn't just pig out for the last week of December? Mike gave me recipes to make my first ever green bean casserole, and a yummy spinach and artichoke casserole, as well. Both were so loaded with cheese and creme fraiche that it probably would have been healthier to skip the veggies. But the taste made them worth it!

Pappi has been in town and we've had a great time having him around. Alex and Skyler LOVE having grandparents around! Alex has become enamoured with the carosel that Pappi takes him to, and Sky will just always be a Pappi kid. The holidays didn't feel totally complete without Grandma Marcia, but we hear she's been busy feeding horses and probably spoiling them as much as Dillion and Georgia gets spoiled when she is here!

Dusty and I got to have an awesome date. Well, two actually! One was supposed to be a dinner at Ruth's Chris and a showing of Rain, the Beatles tribute. When a snow storm hit, freeways closed and we couldn't even make it out to Mike's to drop the kids off, we got steaks at Roadhouse and played Sorry Sliders before family bedtime stories. Not the night we'd planned, but awesome anyhow. The next day we unexpectedly came accross Blazers tickets (Thanks, Val & Bruce) and Dusty and I got a wonderful alone date after all. We had appitizers at Southpark Seafood after the game. Wow. Seriously- I love crab cakes. I REALLY love very, very, very good crab cakes. That place has taken food to a whole different level!

New Year's eve was awesome! We went to a small kid friendly gathering and had more whole family fun than I can remember in a while. The kids all kept each other wound up and even Alex was awake to ring in 2010. We are tired today- what a perfect day to watch the Rose Bowl and recover from all the holiday fun.

I've posted a few pictures from the holiday, including a cake I make for Aunt Pat. I do have a few recipes to share but this post is already entirely too long already, so those will follow soon!

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