Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Yes, Georgia- we KNOW there is a rodent in the house!

Ok, the time has come where I ban anything else with a heartbeat from entering these walls...well, except the ants for the ant farm the boys got for Christmas (ironically, it came from the Grandparents who own a pest control company!).

Here is the household tally now:

2 adults
2 kids
2 dogs
1 goldfish
1 guinea pig

T-Rex/Nemo (Alex changes his name daily), the goldfish, came to us via Ashley...sort of. He came our way when I made the mistake of asking Ashley to take her 3YO nephew to the look at the fish while I checked out at PetSmart. Next thing I know, Alex comes running up to me "MOMMY! MOMMY! I have enough monies to buy a fishie!!!", while holding up a handful of change...so we left the pet store with dog food AND a goldfish.

After T-Rex/Nemo lived throughout the entire winter break (to my surprise), I decided he probably needed to get out of a pickle jar. So after finding a 10 gallon tank of Craigslist and spending a whole day setting the thing up (apparently they are more work than I thought!), Alex has a fish tank on his dresser and a new best buddy.

Skyler has had his heart set on a hamster for over a year. We kept hoping that he'd forget about it, but we started thinking perhaps the desire wasn't going away. Still, I held out. Hamsters run on hamster wheels. All night. And they are squashable, and the die soon, and in my experience, they kinda smell like peanut butter (gag).

My cousin Laura had adopted Franklin, a black and white guinea pig. Turns out, she's allergic to Franklin. So after the really hard realization that Franklin and Laura couldn't co-habitate, she posted on Facebook that she had to find him a new home and I decided that a guinea pig would be WAY cooler than a hamster! Skyler quickly agreed with me, and after telling everyone he came in contact with that he was getting a guniea pig until the thing got here (and telling everyone he HAS one ever since), Skyler has a new friend now also.

Bringing a rodent in to a house with 2 large dogs was a bit unnerving. So far, though, it seems to be going well. Dillion could care less. He's Dillion- he pretty much only cares about tummy rubs and dog bones. Georgia, on the other hand, is obsessed. But judging by her body language, I think she is more curious than anything. She seems to want to know about him rather than eat him (much to my relief!). I don't think we'll ever leave them in a room alone, just in case...but overall it seems to be much better than I had worried about!

So there you have it- we are now a household of 8! And we're done! We are happy, but we're done!

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